Stupid Mistakes Hamper Success

It can be difficult to find a lovely partner,especially when one is responsible for ones children,the career and the challenges of the day.

Even though you choose a dating site like,and have lots of good opportunities to get in contact with different users of your preference,then there are no guarantees that you´ll succeed.If you avoid making the most obvious mistakes,then you are well on your way to success!!!



It Starts With A Picture


Without a good picture on your profile,you have already caused obstacles for yourself.Some say:No picture,no chance! It sounds slightly harsh,but there is something about it.Unless of course you are for traditional blind dates,then you probably yourself prefer to look at a good picture of a potential date;before you reply to their requests.If you study the picture, you can evaluate whether you find the person attractive,exciting and something for you.Research has shown that profiles with pictures,get about ten times the traffic than those without.



Kick Ass In Your Profile Text


Some say that boring profiles give boring contacts..there is something about it.Imagine there is a wording saying:”man 34 with two kids seeks lovely women as a partner.Children no hindrance”.BORING!!


Imagine a profile text where it says:”Single father with two kids,looking for a women with a sense of adventure and humour.A women who likes kids, and also mothers are of interest.Somenone who likes going to the fairground,going on a picnic to the park,or watching a Disney film….or who doesn´t say no to a Happy Meal at Macdonalds.”Who would you prefer to contact”?Revise your profile.


Take Your Time


Love takes the time it takes.It´s an abbreviation of a proverb.It doesn´t help dashing fast.Don´t push for a date before both of you are ready.Don´t tell your whole life story in the first mail.Hold back telling your whole story,even though you feel your date is fantastic.


With great advantage,you can have contact with several people at the same time,who seem sympathetic and interesting.As you get to know them,you´ll get a clear image of who you think is most suitable as a potential partner.


Try to make contact with a user who maybe doesn´t fit into the ideal image you fancy,but who on the other hand radiates something interesting.On a dating site, this is much easier than committing in ”real life”.Maybe the prize is somewhere else than you thought.You have all to gain!


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