Reflections Before Your First Date.

When you are on the site,and you get contacts with profiles which you feel are attractive or interesting;then there is a foundation for a good chat.It´s a great phase to be in,and you can enjoy the magic that is created,when you are checking out whether the person is your type.When you have been writing for some time,and you feel that the person seems like a potential partner,then it`s time to arrange a date.


Trust Yourself


When you meet up with your date the first time,then it`s important that you are honest with yourself.Be as natural in your behaviour as possible.Just relax and think that you both are here to have a good time,and get to know eachother.From your profile on,your date has been able to create and image of you.He or she has invested time in getting to know your situation,and spent further time and energy getting to know you.These are the impressions that has prompted the person to want to meet

up with you. Even more reason to be happy about the situation.Enjoy it,smile and be positive.


Speak On The Phone First


It`s always best if you have spoken to your date on the phone first,before you meet.That gives a voice to the person,and makes them less a stranger to you.As a lone parent you have huge responsibility on your shoulders,so if you wish to be careful,then you could call the person from a mobile/Cell phone which has a call card.In that way the person will not be able to trace where you live etc.


Meet In Public


The first times you meet with your date,make sure it is in a neutral location,where there are other people present.A cafe,bar,or a cosy restaurant could be one of the venues.Here you can converse and relax together.We recommend that you don´t invite your date back home,until you have acquainted yourself with the person.This is to protect yourself.By far the most people have good intentions, but there are some who have ulterior motives,and exploit the situation to their advantage.


A No Is A No


To move into the dating worlds magic,is exciting and interesting.Most of the experience is uplifting.You also risk being confronted by some choices.Your date might have some suggestiongs which are not suitable for you.For one or the other reason;just you know that you have the full authority to decline.Never ever let yourself be pressured into something that you don`t want to do.Keep your integrity,your values and yourself.


The First Test


Maybe you have been chatting online for some time.Maybe you start to get the impression that this is the right thing for you.If that´s the case,then it`s time to meet up.Now the blossoming relationship takes its first test.The first date will quickly reveal whether you are suited for eachother.If there isn´t a spark,or it`s only the one of you that feels it,then it´s better to call it quits;before you get too disappointed or escape too deeply into the dream world.


Get At It Again


Finally remember that patience is a virtue.If this date wasn´t happening,then there are a lot of other fish in the pond.Don´t get knocked out,but reflect that you are one experience richer.It has given you a clearer idea, about what you are looking for in the next profiles you start to examine.


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