37 year old woman from S427ND Walton Ward
  • Height 172 cm
  • Weight 63 kg
  • Body Common
  • Drinking habits Never
  • Eye color Brown
  • Hair Brown
  • Career Arts
  • Smoking habits Non-smoker
  • Status Single
  • Appearance Slender
  • First meeting Hugs
  • Humor I rarely tell jokes or laugh
  • Address In town
  • Cohabitation Single
  • Number of children 0
  • Children None

I am looking for Friend

  • I am looking for Women 
  • AgeFrom 0 - 0 Year
  • Height From - 229 cm
  • Weight
  • Body Not specified
  • Drinking habits Not specified
  • Eye color Not specified
  • Hair Not specified
  • Career Not specified
  • Smoking habits Not specified
  • Status Not specified

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I'm a 29 year old woman, and feel that it's the right time to find a companion. I'm 5'8" with an average build, blonde hair, brownish eyes and am fluently bilingual (Spanish/English). I also have a full time career that I truly enjoy. My hobbies include movies, cooking/baking, walking, dancing, swimming (any activities in the water). I'm a bit shy at first, but usually end up showing my true colours. I'm looking for a man that knows how to respect and be honest; a true friend. If you're interested, email me...

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