56 year old man from DE562AN Ripley
  • Height 121 cm
  • Weight 111 kg
  • Body Slender
  • Drinking habits Occasionally
  • Eye color Green
  • Hair Brown
  • Career Other
  • Smoking habits Non-smoker
  • Status Single
  • Appearance Slender
  • First meeting Kiss
  • Humor I love jokes and good stories
  • Address In town
  • Cohabitation Single
  • Number of children 0
  • Children None

I am looking for Date

  • I am looking for Men 
  • AgeFrom 30 - 47 Year
  • Height From - 229 cm
  • Weight
  • Body Slender, Common, Robust, Chubby
  • Drinking habits At parties
  • Eye color Not specified
  • Hair Blond, Medium Blonde, Brown, Black, Red, Grey
  • Career Office, Advertising, Arts, Crafts, IT-related, Construction, Shop, Customer service, Doctor, Studying, Engineer / Architect, Health, Tourism, Human Resources, Insurance, Internet, Lawyer, Marketing, Politics, Professor, Public Relations, Publishing, Real estate agent, Retired, Secretary, Student, Teacher, Telecommunications, Transportation, Travel Consultant, Other
  • Smoking habits Non-smoker, Smoke at parties, Smoker, Pipe, Cigar
  • Status Single

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i am 47 years old and live in dundee and my hobbies are going to karate and kickboxing and go out to the pub at most weekends and play pool and i like travel goals are is find a job and find a very nice looking girl who have the simaler and same interest as me.when i was kid i live in canada for ten and the half years with my mum and dad and my brother and twin brother and my sister and went to school in canada and in monifieth grange school and arbroath academy and i am a very nice looking man.i watch most type of dvds and listen to most kind of music and i am not interested in heavy metal music at all.I don't smoke at is what would i do for on our first date.we can decide what we will do together or go out for a picnic or have meal and go for a few drinks and get to know each other.

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